Attention dog professionals!

Are you ready for...

  • More time?

  • More freedom?

  • More Money?

We are here to smash the common dog professional misconception...

You can't have a profitable dog business that is pleasurable to run, and is designed around your life

Yes, you can absolutely create a dog business that aligns with your dream lifestyle. Forget comparing yourself to others. We are living proof that it is possible to grow an amazing dog business just like we have using our unique INSPIRE framework, and we can't wait to share it with you...

Find out why the dog industry breeds negativity and prohibits your hidden genius!

Hello, we're Jo & Vicky,

We speak to you from a place of experience, and love working with passionate and ambitious individuals just like you.

If you are a dog professional and are currently feeling just like we used to- tired, frustrated, broke, overworked and burnt out, then what you're about to read is just what you've been waiting for, here's why...

Simply put, our carefully crafted

I.N.S.P.I.R.E framework is a unique step-by-step journey designed specifically by us to catapualt you from exhausted to euphoric!

Implement our bite-sized, but transformative steps to begin building the business of your dreams and designing the life and income that is designed by

you and works for you!

It still always starts with you:

your idea, your skill set, your purpose, and your gut instinct. What is that thing you just can't stop thinking about?

Alli Webb, founder of Dryer

At Canine Business Academy...

  • We are committed to elevating dog professionals

  • Our big mission is to uplift the dog industry and make a dent

  • We advocate for fair pricing, continuous professional development, and ethical practices

  • By providing transformative programs, we strive to elevate individual lives, create a positive impact on clients, and ensure the well-being of dogs is at the forefront of everything we do

  • Our dedication is to raise the standard of professionalism in the canine industry by aligning programs and fees with the true value of expertise and business acumen

Together, let's fall in love with our jobs, embrace the business side, and shape a future where passion meets professional success

  • We believe collaboration is key. There is just not enough of it in this industry. Dog pro's have a tendency to resource guard, just like the dogs we're trying to help!

  • Instead, immerse yourself in a positive space to connect with like-minded individuals dedicated to uplifting the industry

  • Share ideas, experiences, and expertise in an atmosphere designed to elevate everyone's frequency.

  • Together, let's fall in love with our jobs, embrace the business side, and shape a future where passion meets professional success.

Our industry doesn't serve us well enough, it needs a big shake up!

Jo & Vicky, Canine Business Academy

Feel like you're just fading into the background amongst all the other dog people doing exactly the same as you? Well it's time to come out of the shadows. There are enough dogs to go around so don't be afraid to shine your true light!

Does this sound like you...?

  • "I feel like a wilted lettuce leaf ! And don’t know how to recharge my passion for work"

  • "Part of me wants to retire but I can’t afford it - another part of me wants to reinvent myself to find new ways of working that meet my needs as well as clients"

  • "Now I’m broke and have laid off all my staff and I feel so burnt out"

  • "I am exhausted because of my personal life being over taken by my business but feeling like I'm failing at everything"

  • "I get annoyed with clients more often than not (never to their faces) and I’m so tired"

  • "This year, my business started tanking. We weren’t getting requests, so I lost a lot of my staff and eventually drained all my money"

  • "Dealing with clients who you put your all into who don’t put the all into back"

  • "I don’t have the energy to do sessions let alone market and make content that is appealing/brings people in"

I used to feel just like you! desperate to help every single client that reached out, never turning work down despite feeling exhausted and knowing they weren't necessarily my ideal client. Offering so many different services through fear of losing work.

Ever heard the saying 'Jack of all trades, master of none?'

Yep! that was me!

Vicky Davies, Canine Connections

So, what if things could be different and instead you could...

  • Attract amazing, committed clients who want to work with you for longer

  • Reduce financial stress by generating recurring revenue that is a pleasure to earn

  • Offer an off the scale quality of service to dogs and their owners

  • Thrive in your business, not just survive

  • Achieve an exceptional work-life balance

  • Receive the professional recognition you deserve

  • Fall back in love with your business

  • Be surrounded by an amazing network of supportive individuals all dedicated to uplifting the industry

  • Have a clear vision on how to grow your business and push for a life that is truly designed for you

Dog trainer, Becky, was running her business for many years driven by fear. This is an example of all of the services she used to offer...

Look familiar?

  • Becky really loved supporting families with their new puppy the most

  • She was scared of turning clients away who weren't puppy owners

  • Working evenings and most weekends, she had very little family time

  • Becky was also struggling financially

So, what changed? With the help of our program using the I.N.S.P.I.R.E framework...

  • Becky went from making £20k to £60k a year profit

  • She now has a much better work/life balance

  • Becky is now the 'go-to' expert for all things puppy in her area

  • Best of all...she fell back in love with her business!

Fancy following in Becky's footsteps and embarking on your own journey of self-discovery and transformation? Follow our unique recipe...

  • Take your own genius

  • Mix throughly with a sprinkling of our magical formula

  • Fold in a little relatability

  • Enjoy the delicious results!

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